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Welcome to Dear Rainy Days! I hope you are visiting on a cloudy day but stay for the sunshine-filled ones too. Can’t wait to meet you!

Hi, Hello, Welcome!

Hi, Hello, Welcome!


I started a blog!!

After months (okay, maybe years!) of debating whether or not to start a blog, I have finally gone and done it. The truth is, I have been hiding behind a million different excuses of why I shouldn’t start a blog and have not focused on why I should start a blog. The fear of other people’s opinions has always been somewhat of a hold-up for me. “What if they think I’m silly? Self-Centered? Obnoxious?” While voicing all of these fears to a friend, she said to me, ‘Just remember how far you have come and what you have accomplished! The haters have nothing to do with it.’ (Thanks, Ellie!) Ever since that conversation, those words have been floating around inside my head. The truth is, I can easily come up with a million different reasons not to start a blog and put myself out there. The hard part is acknowledging the reason I should start one: I’ve always wanted to and I love to write. Seriously, what more of a reason do I actually need?!

Why the name Dear Rainy Days? It’s kiiiiind of a no-brainer but I love rainy days and find that my best writing, thinking and productivity comes from a wet, gloomy day that leaves me with no excuse but to do a little writing and reading. My hope is that on the next grey day that rolls around, you will find yourself thinking about this blog and wondering if there is a new post up yet. I hope to provide my readers with inspiration that can only come from a day that allows for nothing more than some baking projects, reading old or new classics or just some good old fashioned internet searches (not sure ‘old fashioned’ applies to that last category yet but we’re rolling with it.)

Do I have a clear vision for everything this will be in the next few years? (Honey, I don’t know what I’m having for dinner so obviously I have no clue!) I’ll be honest: I don’t know what I’m going to do here on Dear Rainy Days. I don’t have a vision board hanging in my living room (not a bad idea though) or a well thought out calendar with every planned blog post for the foreseeable future. To be quite honest, this is most likely going to be a journey of me flying by the seat of my pants and failing a lot along the way and that is a-ok. All I ask is that you stick with me!

So now that I have voiced my insecurities about starting this blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Morgan and I’m a 25 year old almost law student (starting in a couple of months—more on that later!) living with my husband in upstate New York. We live in our dream apartment with our crazy child (okay, she’s actually a cat but acts like a very dependent two year old) named Gnocchi who will surely be making many appearances on the blog and on my Instagram. My interests range from skincare and fun outfits to baking the hardest possible recipes I can find and trying them over and over till I make them look and taste as good or better than the version I had at a bakery. I LOVE food and few things rival the thrill of trying unique food in new places.

I grew up in South America, specifically Venezuela. Spending the majority of my childhood and teenage years in such a colorful and beautiful place has provided me with a unique perspective on life and the people in it. My childhood gave me a great appreciation for good food and travelling to new places. I would LOVE to simply travel the world and sample everything possible just like Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love is and always will be one of my favorite books!). Hopefully my journey here on Dear Rainy Days will follow many trips and food samplings!

In my free time, I can be found in three places: on my couch with a book and a face mask, in the gym working on the summer bod that will probably never happen because BREAD but a girl can dream, or watching yet another episode of Jane the Virgin on Netflix (if you haven’t watched this show yet, get off my blog and go watch it—I kid, I kid *please read my blog*).

 Anyways, that is me. What about you? Who are you and what are you doing on my blog? (No, for real, I want to know!) Introduce yourself in the comments below!

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