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Planning for Classes

Planning for Classes

Happy weekend! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday to the fullest and getting outside to enjoy the fresh air! It’s a gorgeous day here in Rochester without a cloud in sight. Yesterday, Jake and I went hiking and today we’re kind of sore. This morning was all about sleeping in, eating breakfast and just taking it slow after climbing a ridiculous amount of stairs at Letchworth State Park (is this a sign that we need to get out more? Maybe?)

With classes coming up in a week, I have a couple things I need to do before showing up for the first day of orientation. During college, there was one year where I felt completely unprepared for classes to begin and I remember when the teacher gave out the first class assignment. I reached into my bag and couldn’t find my planner anywhere—then I realized I had never bought a planner! You might be rolling your eyes at me or you might be wholeheartedly agreeing that not having a planner on the first day of class is a bad thing (I don’t believe in omens but if I did, this would be one of them!) Ever since then, I have done my best to be as prepared as possible for the first day of classes. I know most people probably write their to-do lists on the calendar on their phone or computer these days but I have always found that having a physical planner works much better for me. Writing something down on paper often helps me remember things better and planners don’t run out of battery or shut off like a computer or phone.

I’ve been doing some research on the perfect planner (I feel nerdy even typing this but whatever). So without further ado, please enjoy the following planner research I have done, you’re welcome.


Bando 17-month Academic Planner

Bando Planner in Block Party: I’ve been eyeing this planner for awhile and love all of the different patterns that it comes in. The artwork is so eye-catching and fun! I love bright colors and feel like this would be a fun addition to my otherwise plain textbooks. I am not sure that the days of the week blocks are large enough for me to write everything I need to in there though—I might have to do a little more digging! There is also a smaller version I found here that doesn’t have the ring binder but might take up less space.


Anthropologie Best to Come Planner

Anthropologie Best to Come Planner: This planner stands in sharp contrast to the colorful one I just mentioned. The muted ivory is very pretty if you are looking for a more professional look. It has cute stickers inside that you can use to mark important dates, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, etc! It’s also 20% off this weekend!

*I like the ivory but I think I would like it to come in a different color. My planners tend to get a little beat up because I use them so much. However, if you’re more careful with your things than I am, this one might be perfect for you!


Erin Condren Fruity

Erin Condren Fruity Beauty Planner: These planners are definitely on the pricier end of things but wowowowow they are gorgeous. It’s customizable (you can have your name on the cover!) and the pages are very detailed, with spaces to write down assignments and upcoming exams/due dates. I’m obsessed with the lemon design on the front of this particular planner but they have lots of other fun designs as well. This one miiiiight be a winner!


Rifle Paper Palette Planner

Rifle Paper Palette: You already knew that Rifle Paper had to make an appearance somewhere on this list. This company nails it every time with their beautiful designs and this is no exception. I love that the weekly views have a lot of writing space. While I initially didn’t think it had a ring binder, it does! Typically I like to keep my planners open to the week I’m working in but might be able to make an exception in this case.


Day Designer Palm Beach: This planner is definitely the most expensive of the planners I have listed but I love that there is a whole page dedicated to each day. If you are detail oriented and need more space to write out goals for each day, this planner is it. I love the palm beach design on the cover and the pages that ask you to list out your wellness and relational goals for each day/month. This planner is definitely worth checking out!

How do you prepare for the first day of classes? Is there something you feel like you have to do or have in order to show up for classes? Is there a planner that I missed and you love? Send me a DM on Instagram or drop a comment below!

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