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Skincare While Traveling

Skincare While Traveling

Hi guys! I hope you’re all having a great week and if you’re not, at least you’re halfway to the weekend! This week, I am traveling to Atlanta for one of my best friend’s wedding and staying until the end of next week to spend time with my family who also live in Atlanta. I can only imagine how hot it’s going to be but I am hoping that I packed appropriately for the heat—either way, I’ll be spending most of my time in the pool or if it’s just too hot, in an ice bath with an iced coffee. Sounds like a solid plan.

I don’t know about you, but my skin and airplanes/traveling do not get along. Every time I go on a trip, my skin gets triggered and breaks out. I can go for months without a hint of acne and the minute I pack a suitcase, my face completely panics. I think the majority of the reason for this is a bunch of built-up anxieties that I will once again forget my toothbrush, face wash, or something vital to my trip like my bridesmaid dress (no worries, I checked at least four times before leaving that I had my dress!) These anxieties are valid because I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten my dang toothbrush. At this point, I usually assume I’m going to have to make at least one CVS run per trip. While I have been traveling and flying since I was in diapers, I still get nervous about getting to my gate on time and making sure my bag isn’t overweight. Just last year, I was the poor soul unloading her suitcase because it was overweight—a product of packing in a hurry and forgetting to weight my bag. It happens to the best of us (or the most unorganized i.e. me)

So, all that to say: I love to travel but my skin hates it. With my friend’s wedding only a couple of days away, I want to make sure my face doesn’t freak out and thought I would write about the ways I am trying to combat any potential roadblocks (also known as volcano sized zits in the middle of my forehead.)

The causes:

Stress: if you’re one of those lucky people who does not get stressed out by traveling, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. I have been traveling since I was in diapers and while I don’t remember being stressed by traveling as a kid, it is a different story as an adult. I love the idea of arriving at my destination but the airplanes and bag-checking in between will never not stress me out! I usually try not to ever check a bag but when I do, I always make sure to weigh it. Last year, when flying home from spending Christmas with my family, I forgot to weigh my bag—guess who was throwing random toiletries in the trash at the baggage check? This girl! After that experience, I will move mountains to make sure my checked bags always get weighed! Anyways. The best way to ensure you don’t have stress related acne, is to plan ahead. If you’re worried about missing your flight, try to get there early and take a book, download a podcast or just take a nap at your gate. Better safe and early than sorry and late! As long as you have the necessary things for your trip (like a much-needed bridesmaid dress), you can always run to a mall or CVS for anything else you may need.

Airplane Air: You have probably noticed that the air in an airplane feels thin and is sometimes hard to breathe in. Airplane air (it’s approximately 20% thinner than normal levels!) causes your skin to dehydrate and produce more oil. The overproduction of oils then causes our culprit, acne.

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Combatting airplane air can be managed by some simple planning ahead:

*Drink lots of water. I try to drink quite a bit the day before and morning of if I am able to. You might be afraid of having to go to the bathroom on the plane but I’d rather get out my seat because I am hydrated than have a breakout that lasts for the next week due to dehydrated skin. Until recently, my drink of choice on the plane was always cranberry juice but it tends to have a lot of sugar in it and could also contribute to break-outs. I have since changed to only ordering water and usually keep a water bottle in my bag as well. Staying hydrated equals lots of bathroom breaks but it’s a small price to pay for great skin on a great trip!

*Exfoliate your skin before flying. I used The Ordinary exfoliating peel at least once a week but made a point to use it this morning before traveling. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of built up skin and oils and allows your skin to fully absorb any serums, moisturizers and hydrating face masks you use. It also makes you skin really soft and glowy!


*Use a hydrating mask. This morning after exfoliating, I used the Pharmacy Hydrating Mask. This mask is soooo nice. (honestly, who cares if you’re flying or not, you need to try it anyway!) Sephora has some really nice store-brand hydrating masks that would do the job as well.

*Try not to wear makeup when flying. Growing up, my parents always dressed me and my siblings up for flying. In 2019, the tables have turned and everyone looks suuuuper casual when flying and I am ridiculously okay with that. I live for comfort, especially on a plane! When flying, I don’t wear makeup, specifically face makeup. By keeping a bare face, you can re-hydrate more easily between flights or even on the flight. Face makeup will tend to clog your pores even more and make you more susceptible to break outs!


Lastly, I grabbed this Mario Badescu Facial Spray for a quick extra hydrating spritz. I’ve been keeping it in my bag and using it for more than just plane trips. It feels great and gives you an extra glow!

This time around, I have implemented all of my own tips above (haha!) and am keeping my fingers crossed that they work for me this week. Do you have any tips for keeping your skincare clear while traveling? I would love to hear them!

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