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Six Things to Check Out This Week

Six Things to Check Out This Week

I promise I’m working on more than just ‘Things to Check Out’ posts but they’re so fun to me! I love giving recommendations for new things to try, watch or listen to and I love receiving them. This past week, I have been working on turning things in for law school and trying not to psych myself out over my impending doom (just kidding-kind of). Thankfully, Jake and I are leaving for vacation today and I am so looking forward to an unplugged week on a lake in Maine with his family—there is truly nothing better. In my typical, unorganized fashion, I packed very quickly this morning and spent the rest of the time catching up on the latest Bachelorette episode (WHY is Luke P. still on the show? Someone tell me!) Now, I am finally getting around to a little post about six things you should check out this week! Enjoy!


Chili Spiced Mango

  • Chili Spice Dried Mango from Trader Joe’s. YUMMMM. I had saved them for our road trip but in a moment of weakness, pulled them out and have been snacking on them while writing this post. If you like the perfect amount of spicey and sweet, these are the snack for you! Here’s a link to a Trader Joe’s fan page where people with clearly a lot of time on their hands go back and forth on whether or not this snack is actually good. What side are you on?

Apple Pie.JPG

Sister Pie

  • Sister Pie cookbook. If you know me, you know I LOVE baking. The only problem is that I have too many things I want to make and not enough people to give them to. With vacation coming up, I saw my opportunity to make as many things I wanted to without fear of them going to waste. I usually like to use recipes from different sources like foodie pages I find on Instagram of blogs I follow but this weekend I found myself pulling down my Sister Pie cookbook and wanting to make everything I saw in there. Their pie crust recipe is a no-fail and their cookie recipes are equally delicious. I ended making buttered rum shortbread cookies, triple chocolate chip cookies, apple sage pie with a gouda crust and little black bean, sweet potato and feta cheese hand pies. I went allllll out and I have no regrets :)

  • This article about Britney Spears. Guys. My friend Katie showed me this and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! Do you follow Britney Spears on Instagram? Are you super weirded out by her posts too?! (I want to hear your take!)

  • Happiness Begins. Can’t stop, won’t stop with this album. I was a huuuuuuge Jonas Brothers fan when I was in middle school and this album has me feeling all the feels. Not only does it make me feel nostalgic, it’s also SO GOOD.

  • Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. This stuff is magic. I repeat, magic. You have probably been seeing this product everywhere lately and feel some peer pressure to get it. Let me just reaffirm what everyone else is saying: you need this. If you want that perfect summer glow, this will give it to you! My makeup routine is minimal, at best, and a product has to be really good for me to add it to my regular morning steps. This is that product.

  • I’ve talked about this ice roller before but in the summer months, this has taken on a whole new meaning for me. My favorite thing to do in the morning is apply my morning skincare and roll it all in (see what I did there) with this ice roller that I keep in my freezer. I’ve heard a lot of back and forth on whether or not ice rollers/jade rollers actually do anything for your skin. While I don’t know much about the science, I do know that my skin is always significantly less puffy after using it. It’s also great for acne and I have found that it speeds up the healing process. In my opinion, this is the best $8.99 I have ever spent on a product for my skin!

That’s it for this week but I promise more posts are coming that are a liiiittle more involved than just what I’m obsessed with from week to week. Thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any thoughts about my thoughts above!

P.S. I’m a road trip today and desperately looking for podcast recommendations! Drop a comment with your favorites or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I would love to hear from you!

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